Terms and Conditions of Using Service

The following terms and conditions is deemed as an integral part of service provision of the company. The agreement in using any service of the company, it shall be deemed that Service User agrees and accept to be obliged yourself by complying with terms and conditions of the company with the following detail in order to protect rights of Service User. Please read detail of terms and conditions of using this service carefully before using service as conditions of using this service shall be binding Service User legally.

1.Service Charges of Delivery-Receiving Box

2. Box Delivery and Box Receiving Method

3. Limitation

The company may withhold the rights not to provide deposit box service which contained the following objects:

The reserved right not to provide service apart from specifying in the foregoing, the company shall notify additionally via website without prior notice.

4. Payment

5. Condition of Service Provision

6. Termination of Service Provision